A background for the intro



I am writing a story but I need a background for the intro. So for the piece:

[title] Episode 1

Can someone put together, I have no difficult requirements, only that it should look cool and fun. If someone can help with this I would like it



I could help


would you do that for me, thx


Of course. I could be done in 5


really, that’s so fast!


What about this background


it is beautiful but my story is a fantasy story about forces and 5 princesses so I do not think it is a very suitable image


Ok one sec


How about this


OMG! that’s amazing, but how I can change it in episode two


How many episodes do u need? I can make them all if u want


I don’t really know yet


Ok well I can make the first 5 and u can pm me when u need more


that’s a good idea, thank you very much


Np I’ll be right back





Thank you very much, do you know how i get it in the episode, (it’s the first time I do this)




First u go to