A background in a black screen help?

I’m not sure if the title explains it well but I have some pictures here to help

Can you elaborate more , I am still not able to understand what you trying to ask for

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It’s hard to explain like you know how if you zoom out of background on the portal while previewing your story well it’s like that’s how I want it but it’s not showing the rest of their body on the black part like in the images I sent it only shows her face not the rest of her (I tried my best to explain :sob:) it’s confusing when you don’t know what I’m talking about but I seen it in a few stories

Got you you want to like zoom on some spots with the black screen. They have edited those in the reels and have not used any coding to do so!

If you want to make a sneak peek reel -
Just screenshot the scene and crop out the portion you want and then put it on a black background of the size of the reel and then edit your video

In the story if you want to zoom you can use
Camera option
Using zoom focus copy the code and paste it in the script
But the black screen thing in story you need to edit in order to make it look like that and post each one as an overlay or a bg

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Have you tried resetting the zoom with the “@zoom reset” command?

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Why would I need to reset?

Oh that seems like a lot of work I thought there was a code for it but maybe it is edited :thinking: thank you though for explaining it to me :heart:

Oh wait, I thought you meant that it wasn’t showing the full body in the episode portal. My bad, misunderstanding :woman_facepalming:

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No problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:
I am glad your query is solved!

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Haha okay and that’s alright :joy::two_hearts: