A background with magic overlay needed. I will credit the person please

I want a witchy interior background with magical pots and overlays

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this is what i could find

Witches Cauldron (PSD)

@s.storiesxx thank you so much dear and how do I credit you?

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just use my forums name :upside_down_face:

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Okay I will dear :heart:

Can I get background for fortune teller too?

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is this alr?

Where did you get these backgrounds? I think they’re copyrighted

pinterest they’re images aren’t copyrighted i always use them and they get approaved


Pinterest is the worst site to get backgrounds for episode, every image in there is copyrighted. it doesn’t matter if episode’s approves the backgrounds, you’ll be at risk for your story be be flagged or removed!


all my bg’s are from there wouldn’t episode of done smin by now?

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Sometimes episode approves the background even if it’s copyright, I have no idea why, but now that you’ve been informed maybe try using non copyrighted websites, but if you don’t want to that’s fine just please don’t share them with other people, since it will put their story and risk too!


Yes this is alright girl thank you

@Marysol.Episode do you have background like this?

not all of the images r tho only some yh i have had some which were disaproaved but i guess they were the copyright ones the ones which approaved are the okay ones if the image doesnt approave then its copyright but if it doesnt it means it’s fine so her story isnt at risk
ik cos it has happened to me and im certain


No, sorry I don’t I’m just here to explain that those images are copyrighted

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You have a point there but this can be used freely?


Okay dear thank you

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