A background with magic overlay needed. I will credit the person please

As they were found on Pinterest, no you cannot use them. It’s not just about episode noticing and taking your story down, but if it gets back to the owner of the image, they can pursue legal action as you are using their content for free, without their approval. By checking that little box on the portal when you upload your images, you are legally declaring that you have the right to use the images, which means any backlash is on you, not episode.
Also, as the other user did not create them, you definitely do not credit that user for the backgrounds. My advice would be not to use these at all, it really isn’t worth the trouble that it could cause. Episode workers have hundreds of backgrounds and overlays to approve, it’s easy for some to slip through the net, so even if they are approved, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use.


A quick reverse image search on these have shown that the first one:

Belongs to a game, which means the company itself would own that image.

The second is copyrighted to an artist:


Ok dear thank you @Cheyara_Skadi

Thank you @Marysol.Episode

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Thank you so much girl :girl:

I’ve edited my above post, I reverse image searched on my phone, both are copyrighted, so definitely not legal to use.


Okay and can you tell me where I can get of the background?

Do you mean where you can get these legally? Or one to match what you’re looking for in general?

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To match what I’m looking for like the one she sent :smiley:

I’m not sure that you’ll find something like that. Your best bet would be background drives or commissioning a background.
However, I do have a magic room background which I made for my Snow White story, it might work for you…

They are 100% safe to use as I created them. If it will work for you, you can use them and credit my username.


not to mention its morally wrong. a person spend hours, I say minimum 20 on those arts. stealing them is wrong. which is what you would be doing by using them.

@s.storiesxx @mhaameAkua if you arent mature enough to understand, art theft is theft and theft is wrong, you arent mature enough to be here. how would you feel if someone took a thing you worked hard, you re episode, what if some posted your entire story you written on youtube, with out your permission, and even with no credit.

also be aware credit, does not mean its okay to use. you need permission too.

respect for artists is important.

anyway I do recommend using pixabay, its a copyright free website, meaning you are allowed to use the art from there. here is a few witches things I found

Fantasi Trolddom Mystisk - Gratis billeder på Pixabay

Heks Magi Halloween - Gratis billeder på Pixabay

Alkymi Troldmænd Magi - Gratis billeder på Pixabay

Alkymi Troldmænd Magi - Gratis billeder på Pixabay


line’s right. based on what u say on here you just aren’t, and that’s fine. you’ll mature with time, like anyone else.

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tak <3

its good you understand, your not the first person to not know this, and wont be the last. not knowing is not wrong, we cant know everything.
but knowing and still doing something you shouldn’t, would be wrong. you know now and hopefully will do better from now on.


ty for tellin me ig

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This is good and I will credit you. Thanks hun :heart:


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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
If you’re looking for other backgrounds at any time, I have some paid background drives, and a free drive, I also am willing to take background commissions as and when I have time. For more examples of my work and prices etc, see my thread:

Cheyara Skadi Background Drive Thread

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Can I get your IG name and the free background drive ?

Sure, it’s on this slide :slight_smile:

If you’d like access, DM me on Instagram with your Gmail address, and I’ll add you to the drive.

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I will do that asap