A background with magic overlay needed. I will credit the person please

its good you understand, your not the first person to not know this, and wont be the last. not knowing is not wrong, we cant know everything.
but knowing and still doing something you shouldn’t, would be wrong. you know now and hopefully will do better from now on.


ty for tellin me ig

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This is good and I will credit you. Thanks hun :heart:


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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
If you’re looking for other backgrounds at any time, I have some paid background drives, and a free drive, I also am willing to take background commissions as and when I have time. For more examples of my work and prices etc, see my thread:

Cheyara Skadi Background Drive Thread

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Can I get your IG name and the free background drive ?

Sure, it’s on this slide :slight_smile:

If you’d like access, DM me on Instagram with your Gmail address, and I’ll add you to the drive.

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I will do that asap