A bad boy ... a rebel.. is there a difference.?

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I personally think there is a difference

I think a rebelled boy is someone who does things to get attention or tick off other people
I think he is also very misunderstood…
As for the bad boy he someone who has a bad personality you know he can do good at time you know but has the intentions to do bad (don’t know if this makes sense) shows little emotion and stuff also

That’s just somethings I think make them different … probably doesn’t make sense lol but it sounded way better in my head…
Please no hate this is my personal opinion and Sorry if someone already brought up this discussion…
Needed to know what you all thought because in a story I’m currently writing I want a rebelled boy to be a love interest and don’t want to make him that typical bad boy everyone does you know lol
Like most of them don’t show emotion… I’m thinking about this boy showing his emotions( like crying, because males can cry too and it seems like other people make it seem like it’s wrong or something guys don’t do or are suppose to do…)
Leave your thoughts :sparkles:


Don’t make him in a gang though


I for sure won’t lol


I do think there is a difference? Rebelled, they’re not popular (don’t hate I hate popular mean people too)
And bad boy exact opposite?


My first thought when I saw rebel was just someone who goes against the rules. Which, depending on what the rules are, might not mean a rebel boy will always equal a bad boy. I’m thinking along the lines of The Hunger Games type of rebelling. If society is unjust, then a rebel could just be doing what’s morally right, you know?

But I guess a bad boy who’s not following the school/class rules is also technically a rebel. So I think it just comes down to motives?


I totally agree :sparkles:


For real.


Bad boys are kinda overrated


OMG preech! I wish episode would either:

  • Make a shelf full of good boys.
  • Make a featured story where the male MC is good.


I know this is a cliche too, but like, NERD GUYS! WHY YOU HATING


when i think of bad boys, i really think more along the lines of a fuck boy.

a rebel can really vary whether they’re “good” or “bad”
it really depends on their motivations for being rebellious & what they rebel against.

i guess based on this reasoning a bad boy is a rebel, but a rebel doesn’t always have to be a bad boy.


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This reminds me a little of a post I made a while ago: Bad Boy Stories

I was trying to discuss the difference between the problematic type of “bad boy” we get a lot on Episode and, I guess, the rebel that you talk about. But I definitely think there’s a difference. I don’t like reading stories where the “bad boy” has a bad personality, treats women badly etc etc.


Yes! Rebels challenge the system! They fight when they feel things are unjust and stand up for what they believe in. I have a story featuring rebels. :relaxed: Bad boys are just assholes.


What’s the name of your story.?


Oh it’s not out yet! I wrote them privately for fun but I’m in the process of publishing. If you’re interested later it’ll be called, “Avenge Thy Rebel” lol.


Ok I wrote it in my notes and I will for sure read it once it’s out


Aw thank you! I hope you like it when you do. It’ll be out closer to the 20th as I want to enter it for the Epy Awards 2018. I’ve been working on a different story for that but I’ll start working on this instead. I’ll check out yours as well!! :relaxed:


Thank you :blush: and can’t wait for your story :sparkles:


When I see the words ‘bad boy’… I tend to think of this rude guy with a bad attitude that’s really nasty to the MC, he smokes, he hangs out with other jerks as rude as he is, and he’s probably a player. This guy also does things against the law.

A rebel, however, seems to be someone who goes against the norm, and maybe breaks rules but not laws, unless he’s fighting against oppression or a political system. He stands up for what he believes in and isn’t interested in being a cookie-cutter love interest.