A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays


Glad everything got turned out fine :smiley: Even though that’s the error I was talking about :sweat_smile:


Ha ha ha it was 1am and my eye sight isn’t the best :joy::joy::joy:

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When i do so people can pan… I cant get it to stop again


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Hi everyone! Can someone help me? I don’t understand why, but the only tappable overlay that works is the last one! Every time I try to touch “BLU” or “ROSSA”, the only one which works it’s the last one!


What’s the error on line 87?


The overlay which is still not approved :blush:


And if I’m understanding correctly you’re saying that no matter what you touch, it goes to the “else” branch?




If you take out the else bracket, do the overlays work? (Just trying to narrow down the problem)


Yes they do! I’m really struggling on this problem :tired_face:


I’m so sorry, the only thing I can think of us is that there might be another error that won’t show up until the overlay is approved? :confused: That’s sometimes happened to me with background/overlay approvals l


how do I know if I’m in beta testing for this?


We all are at the moment as it’s not officially out yet


Ok nice


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thanks you so much


Im putting the command for text overlays into my script, and for some reason the overlay in the previewer isn’t showing up. There’s no error or anything, and when i try to move the overlay it lets me move it but there’s nothing actually appearing. Any idea what to do?


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