A beginner piano player needs help!


Hello you talented Episodians who pressed/clicked on this!! I literally just got a piano and I’ve been trying to play it for the past hour. I haven’t really had much luck with…anything. I was wondering if the people who have done piano for a while have any beginners tips? Thanks!!


i’ve been personally playing piano for about a year and a half, and i’ve learned that you need to be persistent with instruments (especially after me playing violin, cello, and recorder as well). even if you don’t practice for an hour everyday, it’s better (i’ve learned) to practice 10-15 minutes everyday.

i also like to use technic books and warm-ups as well for practice, and i also like to learn personal favorites like songs from musicals and such every so often to keep me interested.

let me know if this helps at all!

:heart: eliza


Thanks for the tips!!


Have you tried YouTube? :smile_cat:

Maybe there’s videos on it to learn how to play the piano :smile:

I’ve played the Keyboard once but it’s been such a long time I forgot everything sigh


definitely! good luck!


Yeah…I tried and failed…


ooh yeah, you can try youtube, but I also like books like the bastien’s piano series.
or you can look online for easy sheet music, diagrams, scales, and such.

if you need anything else or have any questions, i’d love to help :heart:


Link to video I haven’t watched yet but read comments so it must be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vphWgqbF-AM

:smile_cat: :revolving_hearts:


label your keys starting from middle C. Get a piano book for beginners that has songs easy to remember/play. make sure ur thumb is on c


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