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Hey! I’ve been on episode as a reader for a few years now and absolutely love the stories and authors I’ve come across. I have also been wanting to create my own story for a while but want to make sure I am happy with it. With that being said I am basically a beginner in the portal and would love if any authors could reply with some tips that helped you when you were first starting or any tips you have in general! Thanks so much!


spot directing might be a bit harder, but look so much better than just using enters and exit commands

ALWAYS, prof read your story on the app before you publish,

if there is mistakes dont publish with the thought fix it later, there is NO deadline, so publish when its ready dont rush

have your story plan, dont wing it.

do speech bubbles, it’s not hard, it’s actually one of the easiest thing to do, no excuse

for the love, of god dont make a cc only chapter.

dont count the lines, take time instead.

get a beta reader before you publish who can review your story, but be prepared for them to say it’s bad

DONT do not make an author character, and talk to readers in chapters, no one like that,

art scenes are not important, do not have them unleash you can draw yourself

dont ask for someone to draw the cover, or actually dont ask for a cover before you are about ready to publish, so often people ask for drawn covers on stories they barely started writing,

people often ask for help with the error message, when in fact if you read it, it says what is wrong, so read it carefully,

also the forum has a search button before asking for help, try and search it up yourself, and see if its answered in a pre-existing forum

usually, that is faster than making a forum and then waiting for someone to help

but dont be afraid to ask for help, most people here love to help.


thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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always make sure the first chapter is intriguing, bc if its boring with no good opening line, no ones gonna read ur story


do r4rs w/ people

make an insta and promote ur story! maybe some sneak peeks and get the word out ab ur story!!

watch tutorials.. episodenotes and josephevans on youtube

make sure ur story description is interesting

i did a poll a few days ago!

heres the poll

try using zooms! maybe some dramatic slow ones when needed

end with a cliffhanger to keep the reader reading!

some people like short episodes and some like long episodes
id say maybe 10-15 min long episode (dont take my word for it, just a suggestion)

tho length does not matter, quality does! take ur time!

tappable dressing games!

there are many free art shops around!


I just want to say…
dont give up if you start writing a story
its hard to get reads at first but its okay…
ans you will gey some bad reviews too in your stories too…but belive in yourself…its all worth it



thank you so much, this helped a lot as well as your poll!

Thank you for the advise! I’ll definitely keep this in mind :blush:

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also heres another link!

Dislikes in episode stories

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YES! This is the laziest thing to do, and your not going to get any reads.

  • If you decide to include CC (Character Customization) its highly reccomended you introduce it at the beginning of the first episode

  • Know what your ending is! It will help a lot, and you’ll feel much more motivated to write!

  • Grammar is a MUST, even if English isn’t your first language (which I can understand), there are many people who are fluent in English and willing to check your story for you.

  • Covers don’t necessarily have to be high-detailed, but they do have to be eye-catching and attractive! That being said, there’s no need for you to spend $40 on a commission (unless you want to, ofc, but since you’re beginning it’s not a big deal)


As a beginner take your time writing your stories planned everything out don’t jump from different stories try to stick to one unless you can handle more.

Do research on important topics you are discussing education yourself and ask for help if you don’t understand something on forums or IG

Add cc if you want or limited or noo cc it’s your choice.

Planned out your story or look up etc prompts for ideas.

Take your time coding don’t rush have a writing schedule ask for help on forums watch videos

Check grammar get a proofread if you needed

Write what you WANT to write for yourself not for others.

Don’t let negative comments get you unmotivated keep pushing and thriving.

Know your ending know what’s going to happen in the storyline if you need to make bit changes that’s fine don’t change the entire storyline unless you don’t like it.

Get a good cover edited or drawn doesn’t matter

Keep the story engaging, hook the readers add cliffhanger and have fun
reads will take time don’t worry keep pushing :slight_smile:

Don’t rush to publish take your time if you feel unmotivated listen to music or instrument read stories that inspired you and like. Do other things take breaks don’t burn yourself out and be drained from it have fun and do r4rs promote your story show it off.

Sorry for all of the typos I type too fast


I just started getting into writing aswell! if you are struggling with ideas for stories, I am basing my current story somewhat off of my own life, but more dramatic of course to make it thrilling. Try writing about a topic you know alot about. If you have the notes app on your iphone i would use that to your advantage and some of the harder coding templates or just ones you have trouble with, paste it in your notes on ur iphone so u always have a reminder <3 make sure u pace urself aswell, you dont want to stress yourself out by going like " this chapter HAS to be done in three hours"


i’m looking at these there great advice because i’m just starting out too


Even if you don’t no anything about the topic do some hard-core research on it watch documentary, movies and google it also ask for help as well.

You can also use people’s google drives as long as it’s free and give credit and ask permission if you could use it.

I use that awhile working on my currently story. Also @TalGordin she made a story about coding 101 I definitely recommend it it’s so helpful and I still use it for reference if you forgot or need a reminder go back her story take screenshot of write it down on paper or phone.
I have that story saved on my favorites

I also recommend using www.storyplanner.com
That’s so helpful well atleast for me it is
@GennieG recommend that.

I still use it


Thank you!

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Thank you so much for the tips!

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Thank you, this was super helpful!

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Your welcome

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