A Birthday Game

This thread is dedicated to birthday games from IG or from other places :joy: I’ll post them a few times throughout the comment section and feel free to respond.

Anyways, here’s the first “game”:

Mine is Rotten Demon :rofl:

So…what’s yours? :black_heart:


Bleeding Monster :joy::joy:


Blackened Forever. Weird flex but okay :sweat_smile:

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I think they mean the style when they say that :sweat_smile: Alternative Press reports on the alternative culture, and we have “emos” and “goths” who are part of that as well as singers who wear a lot of dark makeup like black eye liner.

For example, for me I mainly where only black. Unless it’s a special occasion or something lol

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Fallen Night

Mine is bleeding death. :joy:

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Bleeding My Heart - I’m not sure how I feel about this


Furious Royal
Me: Wow I never knew I would become famous.


Broken Hunter

Hahahaha mine is Blackened Valentine

Slaughter Bride…

Slaughter my Heart

Got the same one, looks like we’re twins

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Geez :flushed:

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Slaughter Royale :joy:

Dead black! I mean im dead most of the time and im black so TEA

Furious Sloth :joy::joy::flushed::astonished:

Real Monster! XD

Bleeding Fire :joy:

bleeding pizza ><

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