A Bitter Prayer

Hey everyone, my name is Celina C.mcg. I am the author and the director of the episode story A Bitter Prayer. I would love and appreciate if anyone can please check the story out and tell me if you enjoyed reading it or not. I would greatly appreciate for you other writers to tell me what you think. If you read my story, in return I’ll read yours to. Thank you! :kissing_heart::grin:
Title: A Bitter Prayer
Summary: At first you believe one thing and then you get told your the complete other. You just turn 16 and starting get nightmares of the truth. You need to find your actual family’s killers or your next.!

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Heya I will be willing to do read for read and give you a little feedback across here through message :blush:
Do you have a link ?
I will also provide screenshots :smile: x

My story :grin:

Author: al¡sha (xalishax)
Story Title: The Secret Enchantment
Description: When you princess Florence start to feel sick not everything is how it seems.The haunting memories you see might give you a glimpse of what things used to be.


Thanks :relaxed: x

Thank you for the read for read. I will be sure to read your in return. Here is my link:http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5548838525992960