A bloody mess with overlays and rules

With the new rules/guidelines on board on episode
Ok I have like two overlays with blood substance (blood splatter, etc.) that episode approved already.
Like can I use them or not? Within realistic crime scenes with death in fault? I was told no and then I seen in stories…
so tell me the truth on this…

I figure it depends if it’s minor bloodstains (like they have for accessories, I know Limelight has several, I think INK has a few too), or major bloodstains like a gory anime lol. I’d avoid like gaping wounds and torn flesh, but a little smear of red should be allowed and should get the point across.

If you’re in doubt, you could always remove them and try uploading them again, if they’re in an unpublished episode.

I had my story reviewed by Episode in the last few weeks, they were very reasonable about it, it wasn’t an immediate take-down or something, just an email with a 3-day notice to work on my story’s violations. So if you even have to ask the question, it’s probably not something huge enough for them to bring out the ban hammer.

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Make sense- with that being said will a gun shot wound will be accepted?


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