A book abt gambling? does it violate guidelines?

So im basically half way through planning my story for the risk and reward contest and i finally recently started writing it in the portal and it HEAVILY revolves around gambling and it just came to me like “is this allowed?” so i read the writing guidelines and it said gambling, betting, etc is not allowed and im just like … thats basically my whole story.

so basically the story is abt a girl who was born from old money and has like a gambling addiction and literally bets the highest amounts ever and one night she makes a bet w like a soul collector and at the far end of the story she has to gamble to keep her soul etc etc thats basically the summary of it

so i wanted to ask would my story get banned if i included gambling in it? even if i tell my readers that gambling is not good and they shouldn’t do it and this is just a fiction etc etc? or should i just forget about the story as a whole?

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I think a small amount can be included, but if everything revolves around gambling I feel like that’s too much… Is that against guidelines? :thinking:

in the first chapter theres quite a lot of it cause thats where the risk takes place w the soul collector. theres even a mini game included which means i kinda have to explain to the readers how the gamble will go… (it sounds worse and worse the more i explain it)

after that its not too bad. the mc doesnt rlly go gambling anymore cause her rep kinda falls off after her risk. the next few chapters are more focused on the soul collector and research on them. then in the final episode she kinda has to gamble again if she wants her life so i wanted to include gambling there again and depending on if the mc wins the gamble or not, they can either chose to continue gambling or quit it.

what do you think honestly? is it a bit excessive?

I don’t know
@Melani3 Hope I’m not bothering you… is this against guidelines?

Searched it up! It states that the following are prohibited:

  • Cock Fighting
  • Gambling, casinos are aloud but showing the gamblers at working are prohibited
  • Underground illegal fighting

And more.

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