A brand new Episode art group

Hello Episodians :blush:
My name is Abygail and I am here to propose a new and welcoming art group. There is no name for this group yet, as I want the members that apply to discuss a name. This group is going to be different for the drama will be handled privately and quickly. Everyone in our group will have a say and no one is more important than the others. We are not only equal, but each member is appreciated. So far the member list includes only me.

@abygail.bauman A.K.A. me
Social Media Specialist (we need two of these):
@abygail.bauman +
Other members:
@Sunset_Shimmer + @EdwardNorton
All members:
@abygail.bauman + @PropertyofNae + @Sunset_Shimmer + @EdwardNorton + @Wingsoffire

What the co-leader job is responsible for:

  • Helping set up meetings
  • Standing by my side during drama
  • Helping me organize requests and getting them finished
  • Keeping the group up-to-date with open/current requests
  • Allowed to help with requests

What the social media specialist job is responsible for:

  • Keeping the group’s website up-to-date
  • Watching our Instagram or any other social medias
  • Following back other accounts and posting photos to our group social media(s)
  • Keeping our Linktree up-to-date
  • Allowed to help with requests

What the member job is responsible for:

  • Choosing and completing requests with good quality
  • Providing the group with ways to improve ourselves as a whole

These places are first come first serve. But no matter if you’re a co-leader or not, no one is more important than the others. We need a strong foundation to stand against the drama and keep us together, as so many art groups are dying off.

Want to join?

Follow this link and fill out the form!

I have dealt with my fair share of art groups and I know how damning the drama can be. I will make you a promise that no matter what, I will do my best to handle any and all drama civilly and quickly.

You have my word.

xoxo Abygail :heart:


The more that join the merrier! We already have some talented artists and we would love to expand the group before deciding things like a name, how to do requests, and other important information.

Would there be a group account?

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I see, thank you :blush:

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