A Celebration for my participation in DL. [closed ty for cooperation 🥺!]

Hey y’all thank you for hyping me up, have good phase(s) of the day and take care :relieved:!

Hey y’all, it’s me Hazel :yellow_heart::pleading_face:!
So, as y’all know that Episode is conducting the new Double Life (DL) Contest, I’ve decided to participate in this contest :sweat_smile::white_heart:! Now, This is the first ever contest I’ve decided to publish a story about :speak_no_evil::sunflower:! I’m hella excited to work on it & for y’all to read it haha :heart::pretzel:! I decided to have little celebration for my participation :smile::sun_behind_large_cloud:! For this celebration I’ve organised a contest-ish thing! All the info. regarding it :

I’ve made things pretty clear here, I guess! Some important things to keep in mind are :point_down:t3:
(1) You should be following me IG (instagram), if you already follow me good good, if you don’t you can follow me now! (my IG handle : @/luvlyhazel :see_no_evil::nerd_face:)
(2) Post this template on your IG STORY, i don’t want you to post this as your post because it is not convenient for some of you & mostly everyone prefers story. (& honestly it is going be easy for me to sort within the IG handles thru stories)
(3) Another thing, you should know is that you won’t get any extra entry if you post on your IG feed , because I already asked for you to update it in your IG Stories!
(4) "Is there any chance I can get an extra entry? " - No :blush:!
(5) Even if you don’t win you’re still going to get a reward, & that’s final :sparkling_heart::teddy_bear:!
:parasol_on_ground:Here’s my snapID : @/hazelpbourne (if you want to add me :wink::gift_heart:)
Just to make it clear adding me on snap won’t get you an extra entry.

:point_right:t3:These are just samples. The changes will be made in your prize according to you. For eg., you choose your aesthetic to be artsy then it will applied to every prize & will be prepared accordingly, after a discussion :basket::bow_and_arrow:!

Some examples :love_letter::woman_juggling:t3: :

Aesthetic Guide

This is sorta a package thing which consists of :

  1. Highlight Icons

Yes my watermark will be gone when I gift you your prize.

  1. IG Feed Template (any 2 categories. For eg- story shoutout, author appreciation post, artist appreciation post, etc.)

The category, aesthetic & format will be of your choice :raised_hand:t3::purple_heart:.

  1. IG Story Template (1 Basic + any one other category you want)
  • For sample, take a look again at the feed example (it will be according to the IG story dimensions & format) or you can also consider the template of my contest as an example :relaxed:!
  1. Moodboard(s) (can be used for you or your story characters) minimum-01 & maximum-06

2 styles, both customisable!

Thank you so much @/carolinepyland (on IG) for being the muse of 2nd moodboard :relaxed::gift_heart:!

  1. A special gift coupon, which can be used anytime in my other giveaways or contests for 2 extra entries. It can be used for 3 times maximum!
  • It will be credited to you in your IG DMs & here in the forums.
Template for IG feed & Story
  • For sample(s), refer to point no. 2 & 3 of the above section.
  • "Customisable? " - Yes!
  • "Any Aesthetic Type? " - Yes!
  • I’ve a special post about my update on the OL drive, you can check that out :relaxed::gift_heart:!

My previous username was @/hazelauthor & now, I changed it to @/luvlyhazel . These samples have the watermark of my previous username. This note is just to let y’all know that I didn’t steal any of the following samples :relaxed::point_down:t3:

The customised OL for Warning [Sample] :point_down:t3:

Thank you :parasol_on_ground::white_heart:!


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Woow!!! Def following! And oh my the overlays and aall samples are sooooo epic!:heart_eyes:


The girl who spoils with her kindness :see_no_evil::sparkling_heart:!





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This is something new, I love all those examples. Gonna follow you now



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Thank you sooo muchhhhhhh :pleading_face::white_heart:! It means a lot :see_no_evil:!!


The samples are so cool.
But I don’t have insta. :sob:


It’s OK! Chill, you’ll still get an access to my drive :see_no_evil::wink:!!

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Aawwww! Thank you so much, Haze! :pleading_face: :heart:

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Yeeee!! All the best for you story lovelyy!!! Let me know AS SOON as you PUBLISH! !!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::fire::partying_face: :yay::heart::blob_hearts:

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ahhahh thank you so muchhh :white_heart:! Sure will do :wink::relaxed:!

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