A choice within a choice

As you can see, this is fine, there is no error in this part
But it says that the ‘{’ doesn’t have a matching ‘}’
I’m pretty sure it does though. Is a choice within a choice a possibility, or no?

From what I can see, it doesn’t have a closing bracket. Which choices are meant to be inside the other?

You still need to close off the “Lie” branch after the “don’t take it” choice.

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On line 1891, you have only one closing bracket, which is closing the “take it” choice. However, after the “don’t take it” choice, make sure you have TWO closing brackets; one closing the “don’t take it” choice and one closing the “lie - say yes choice”. This should work, and if it doesn’t, I’m happy to help!

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Thanks, the two ‘}’ thingies actually worked, thanks Brooke :slight_smile:

Thanks Lyra, I was super confused, you and Brooke helped a lot :wink:

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No problem! I’ve had to do that before, sometimes with even 3 }s!

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