A coding and directing partner! LGBT+

Im really new and just started a really lgbt+ story where the main character is a nerdy girl and her future romantic interest is her ex bff that bullies her. The theme are flowers so the nerd is Tulip and ex is Camellia! Their names are suppose to correspond with her personalities such as Camellias, they are passionate, refinement, have desire, exllence and so on! So the bff will be passionate, have a very strong desire for Tulip later in the story and will be completely faithful as she kinda goes out with guys time to time (coughcheatingcough). Im also adding in a trans man in it (no one knows tho except the family and later someone else) and possibly lots more if i have a partner to talk to about this ack!


It’s a really imaginative idea, someone will pick it up in no time at all!

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Aa ty!!! :purple_heart::yellow_heart: I hope so!

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Hi! i’m also a newbie too! and I am also creating my story, but if you want we can collaborate and direct and stuffs :smiley:

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That would be great!!! Should I message you?

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Yess! :smiley:

Where is that??

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: