A coding partner for my story...again

I am trying to code a story by myself but I have given up really. I want to write a romance story and I have the storyline and everything decided. All I need is for someone to code it? Credit will be given - both on instagram and in the end of every chapter. Let me know if you are interested.

Hey there, I’m interested @lizal_episode on insta :grin:

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Hey, don’t give up, we all start at the same place. When I first began, I knew almost nothing :sweat_smile:
Just keep practicing and don’t give up.

And if you ever have a question, feel free to ask : )

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I will PM you since I am currently not using Insta!

I would really but I don’t have the time to first learn. Maybe I will give it another hand once l have time!

Hi there! I would really love to help you code your story. You can PM me if your interested, I would really love to help you out! I’ve been coding my story recently, but it hasn’t been published yet. Anyways, I would always love to help! PM me if your interested :slight_smile:


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Sure. I will PM you now!

It’s okay tell me when you need me to code😉

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Alright! Thanks! It may take a while though.

No problem, good luck. I can’t wait😉

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Me neither. Thanks!

Hey guys I am still looking for another coder. Let me know if there’s someone. Thanks!


Heyyyyy! Still looking for one more coder. Anyone?