A coding question regarding conditions

Hi, guys. I have a question about “conditions”.

So basically, in the final chapter of my story, I gave my readers 2 importance choices which could significantly impact their endings. And in order to allow them to see the other endings, I added another choice at the end of the chapter and created a label at the start of that same chapter… but the weird thing is, when they replay the chapter, and re-make those 2 important decisions, the “condition” function seems to be messed up (they still “remember” the choice my reader made at the first time).

So… does anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks!

Once a flag has been gained, it can never be “un-gained”. Going back to the beginning of the chapter does not reset the gain.

Thanks for the reply! So… there’s no code for “un-gain” then? But I remember in the featured story “Bad Boy Bachelor”, in almost every chapter if you make wrong choices, the author will let you go back to the beginning and re-choose, until you make it right… any idea how s/he did that?

They used the point system for those type of “quiz/game-like” choices. But for what you’re trying to do, you should use the “naming the choice” method instead of using gains. You can learn how to do that HERE

Wow thank you so much!! That’s really helpful

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Thanks for the response @Dara.Amarie! Closing as it seems the original question was answered :slight_smile: