A cold bad heart +1k Character contest

After a huge success of +1k reads of my story A cold bad heart, I made a character contest to allow new talent and creative ones to allow their creativity
Deadline date - End of September

Also you can let your creativity in this if you want
There is Prize + BONUS reward for doing creativity in it. ( best ones are chosen )

You can do anything with characters (edit, overlays, background edit anything) deets of characters been added below -

Main Character -
Body - Tan
Hairstyle - Straight, Color- Fawn
Face shape- Diamond
Eyes - Round Bold, Color - Blue
Brows- Seductive arch
Nose- Elven
Mouth- Blossom lips and color- Cherry red

Character 1 love interest -
Body - Caramel
Hair - Pompadour, color - Black
Face shape - Defined triangle
Eyes - Sloping innocent, color - Brown
Brows - thin arch
Nose - button
Mouth -Classic, color - Terracotta

Character 2 love interest -
Body - Olive
Hair- Spiked up hair, Color- Black
Face shape- Defined triangle
Eyes - Deepest piercing, Color- Green
Brows- Thin arch
Nose- Button
Mouth- Uneven, Color- Terracotta

Prize +BONUS Reward (only in forum)

  1. Get appreciation in the story with their character

  2. Their edit or their creativity is been added in story mentioning their name


I’m in bestie :100::open_hands:t2:!!!

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Sure dear :heart::heart:

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Here is my entry and I hope you like it :smile::heart::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::


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Thank you for participating :blush:

Are you for real :unamused:?.. im your best friend, I entered anyway no matter what :grin:.

Still dear

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@GennieG do you wanna enter?..you do an amazing job when is about edits :100::open_hands:t2::heart:.

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Thanks for tagging me and I will be joining but I need someone to keep reminding me :sob:

So can you tag me there and then :pleading_face:

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Don’t worry, I’m right here no rush …the deadline is till September.
If you know someone who do edits and maybe will be interested, can you please tag it in here???

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Thank you so much everyone :heart::heart::heart: