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I decided to create this community because so many people out there need help! i personally will not be answering these questions, but others will! That’s why this is a community. If you can help someone asking a question here, then great! I’m sure it would be greatley appreciated. Remember to not hurt anyone’s feelings and tell them that there mistake is obvious, because many people have just started. Thanks!


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I was wondering how do I add in sounds, like finding them and stuff, then turn them off?

Great idea, I’m sure this’ll be a useful thread :slight_smile:

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To add sound:


music music_fashionedge

I am so cOnFuShIoN!


You can find it on your script portal on the right side, scroll down and you will see the tab that says “Sound”.

What do I do for sound effects bc I was on forums and they have a little sound box so can I just like copy and paste one in my script?

After that how do I stop and start it? Or is it just automatic?


click the links I send to look at it.

To turn off music and sound

sound off

music off

so it would be sound:(The sound name) then thats all?

And I just type sound off to stop and sound on to start and in the middle goes, sound(sound name), seprated by a line?

Look at the thread I send.


Ooohhh ok thanks!

Hey if u want to know more stuff. Watch Joseph evans tutorials.

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Hey everyone! I’m very glad this thread is helpful! Continue this, and everyone will be happy!:grinning: And yes, Jospeh Evans is awesome :wink:

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LOL the truth is Idk anything about coding on Episode, I’m a complete noob. That’s why I created this thread, so creators like me can get help. So don’t be weirded out if I myself ask questions, pls. Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays!:wink: