A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)


I have a question. Is the hairbrush prop a hidden one, or for Episode Original stories only?


It’s only available for the INK style.


The story I’m writing is in INK, but if I try to use the hairbrush prop, it gives an error message.


Sorry, the prop is actually Hair Brush.


Oh, thanks!


Hi Dara.Amarie

I added the baseball bat to my character but I would like to hit with the baseball bat.
Do you know the animation to do that? Thank you so much


Do the limelight props work in ink?




Is there a headphones prop? for LL?


Thank you so much for this! Needed the red cup for a scene in my LL story. You’re a life saver :slight_smile:


can you give me an example please , it doesn’t work


What did you put in your script


i was able to put the prop , thank you anyway


@Dara.Amarie can you help me with something ?


How do u make the gun prop appear on a lot of pple


You add it to all those people.