A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)


Props are objects that are automatically “glued” onto a character’s hand to use for certain animations. You’ve probably wondered why there are animations that look like your character is holding an invisible object, like the animation drink. Well you need to add the cup prop to your character in order to use that animation to its fullest! Then once you are finished with that animation, you’ll have to remove that prop from your character (otherwise it will stay in your character’s hands forever).

To add a prop to a character:

@add Prop Name to CHARACTER

To remove the prop:

@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

INK Props

Red Cup
Coffee Cup
Hair Brush
Baseball Bat
Metal Baseball Bat
Blue Baby Bundle
Green Baby Bundle
Pink Baby Bundle
Purple Baby Bundle
Yellow Baby Bundle

Hidden INK Props
White Coffee Mug
Black Coffee Mug
Champagne Flute
Owl Necklace
Ring Box Closed
Ring Box Open
Pizza Box (male only)
File (female only)
Open Folder (female only)
Photostrip (female only)
Camera Bag (female only)


Baby Swaddle Black Blanket
Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket
Baby Swaddle Footprint Blanket
Baby Swaddle Green Blanket
Baby Swaddle Light Blue Blanket
Baby Swaddle Pink Blanket
Baby Swaddle White Blanket
Baby Swaddle Yellow Blanket
Bagel Cream Cheese
Bagel Plain
Baseball Bat Wood
Binder School Closed Navy Blue
Binder School Open Navy Blue
Clip Board Brown Tan
Coffee Cup To Go
Composition School Closed Grey Black
Composition School Open Grey Black
Cookie Chocolate Chip
Cup Plastic Blue
Cup Plastic Red
Devil Pitch Fork Red
Donut Chocolate
Donut Chocolate Caramel
Donut Chocolate Glossy
Donut Chocolate Sprinkle
Donut Pink Sprinkle
Easter Egg Striped Egg
Envelope Grey White
Flashlight Metal Blue
Gun Pistol Black
Medical Chart Folder
Moving Box
Photo Album Closed Blue Oxford
Photo Album Open Blue Oxford
Postcard Hawaii
Sandwich Tomato Lettuce Ham
Sheet Paper White
Spell Book Closed Grey Black
Spell Book Open Grey Black
Text Book Closed Navy Blue
Text Book Open Navy Blue

HIDDEN Limelight Props
Episoda Can Cup
Episoda Can Variant Cup
Microphone Black
Microphone White
Notepad White Lined
Tambourine Wood

All HIDDEN props work in the script with no errors!


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Thank you so much! :heart:


Thanks! I’ve never heard of some of these, time to experiment!


Thank you so much! I only knew like 3 different Ink props I didn’t know there were so many! :thinking:

I just checked them all these are some really good and useful props! And they all work perfectly!


Wow, tysm!!!


wow thank you so much. super helpful.




Is there any way to have a prop sitting in the scene not being held by a character?

How to add book to my character

You would have to make it into an overlay and add it to the scene.


Do all the props show on the web previewer?


The hidden ones usually don’t but they show up on the app.


thank you


I had no idea there were that many hidden props. I guess it might be because they’re not ready, but it feels a bit deceiving to be honest. :slightly_frowning_face:
Thank you for sharing



I just tried and it doesn’t work it says Unexpected ADD_PROP:(u’JANE’, u’ prop Blue Baby Bundle’)
Please help!


What did you type?


@add prop Pink Baby Bundle to JANE


It’s just @add Pink Baby Bundle to JANE without the word “prop”


I just tried it didn’t work.


It should if you typed it in exactly how I did.


I did