A Couple Animation Suggestions

Not sure if anybody already suggested any of these, but here are some animation suggestions:

  1. the “not it”: index finger on nose
  2. subtle / exhausted smile
  3. react_startled_suprised_rear
  4. sigh_relieved: hand to chest, exhale. “phew”
  5. headache: hands on temples, frowning. Could also be used to display annoyance.
  6. the “lets do it” combo: cracking neck / knuckles

Also, I wanted to bump the texting while walking suggestion @boonsri.ep
(ANIMATION: walk_text_phone_neutral_loop) and / or the walk_read_phone one @Blue.hair
(ANIMATION: walk_read_phone) made.

So, yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now.

Here are some gifs to demonstrate a little better:

  1. not it
  2. relief 1
  3. headache 2
    headache 1
  4. cracking neck
    cracking knuckles
    cracking knuckles 1

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