A couple of things I think should be added to the Game

Hey! Random thought but I think they should add cats, plus sized men, children (I donโ€™t like how we have to use the women with breasts) and also a fascinator for funerals. I think all of these would be amazing updates. :slight_smile:


yes! all of these.

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Yes!! We need all of these

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Hi there @Sleepy_Kuma, if youโ€™d like to support feature requests from the community to the Episode development team, be sure to check out our Feature + Art Suggestions category! :smiley: You can use the search engine to look for specific request threads. If you want to make a new one of your own, be sure to review the Feature Request Guidelines beforehand. :smiley:

And please private message me with any questions about thread creation or the forum in general. :grin:


Ok thank you!

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