A couple overlays?

So I have this prison and interrogation scene.

(Every one of these were made by @amepisode!!!)

I need the desk overlay and the chair overlay. Not the chair behind the desk, but the one in front.

A jail cell for this. But if you can’t make one, I also have this if you could make an overlay for it;

And I also need one thats open as well;

Okay. Thanks.

Hey, the overlays for all of these are on my drive, so I’m confused what you’re asking for :joy:
You’ve shared the overlays for the jail and here’s the chair for the interrogation room x

I looked at the chair and the background was black. And then I couldn’t find that interrogation room desk. Plus, I don’t know which are backgrounds and overlays, because it seems like there are overlays in the background section. But thank you soooooooo much for making them!!!

The chair looks black on the drive, cos the chair is black :grin: if you download it, you’ll see it’s an overlay and I put the matching overlays (the cells) with the backgrounds so ppl can find them rather than having to go into another folder. You’ll see both the cells you have shared above are png files, not jpgs. The desk is there too, here it is. Also a png file and the file is called Interogration Room desk @amepisode.png I’m not sure what else I could call it so people woukd know it’s the desk that goes with the background. But anyway, all matching overlays are there x

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Thank you!!!

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Hey… so do you think you could make episode cards, like episode 1, 2, 3, etc?
Just wondering :))

I’ve thought about it, but some authors have like 100 chapters, where would it end :rofl:

I feel you. Don’t even know how they do it!

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Hi again. Do you have any backgrounds for libraries?

Overlays to go with it are on My Drive. Link in my profile

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