A cover art needed



Hey everyone, so I need a cover art for my story, I made a post a few months ago looking for someone who could do one for me, someone was interested in doing it but never got back to me.
You’re welcomed to give credit.

Here are the details

Title: Result of Desire
Author: Jojo
Animation: Your choice
Background: Your choice

Character 1:
Name - Veronika
Skin - Tan
Nose - Perky
Face - Heart Soft
Hair/ Color - Straight and Platinum Blonde
Eyes/Color - Upturned Feline
Mouth/Color - Full Round and Terracotta
Eyebrows - Medium Angled

Character 2:
Name - Adrian
Skin - Caramel
Nose - Button
Face - Defined Triangle
Hair/ Color - Short Cropped Hair and Black
Eyes/Color - Round Piercing and Taupe
Mouth/Color - Uneven and Terracotta
Eyebrows - Medium Sharp

Outfit for Adrian

Outfit for Veronika


Here Episode Artistry Official Art Shop! ^v^


If you want, go here. Of course, you don’t have to!


Hey Episode Starlight can do it we do lots of art if your intrested