A Cover for my Upcoming Story! ~ASAP~

I am planning on releasing my new story towards the end of this month, and I don’t have a story cover made for it yet. It sucks because I don’t know anybody that can do it for me :frowning: The name of my upcoming story is called Wrong From Right. My story is in Limelight.

Rain being a black female doesn’t always catch everyone’s eyes, but what if it catches her future husband’s eyes?
(If you’d like to know more about this story, you’re more than welcome to ask me.)

Female Details:
Neutral 04
Straight Medium + deep brown
Long Voluminous Curls Loose + brown black
Round Medium + brown dark
Heart Soft
Defined Natural (Nose)
Full Flat Top Pouty + red deep gloss
Male Details:
Copper 01
Male Generic + deep brown (eyebrows)
Generic Short + dark brown
Oval wide + grey cool
Male Generic
Button round (nose)
Medium Heart + fair neutral matte

If you need more details, ask away!

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hey! i’m happy to make a cover although i haven’t worked with LL so it might not be my best. i’m going to need to know about poses and that but just dm me on insta! @epylivvy :yellow_heart: