A different type of werewolf story, help if you can

As the title says I’m trying to write a different type of werewolf story, one that’s not circled around romance, at least not so quickly. See, my MC that I have somewhat planned is going through a lot at the start of the story, she’s not really searching for a relationship and I want the story to mainly be focused around her friendships, family drama/life, and her learning how to trust in the people she’s close to.

I have most of the plot figured out, I’m just struggling on how to piece it all together and form the storyline I want to follow through with. If any of you guys can help me figure this out, I’d be very greatful. Please PM me if you think you can offer some help.

Here are some names I’ve been struggling to decide to give to my MC, hoping you guys can help me choose one:

  • madilyn
  • carissa
  • breanna

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Hi, I think I could help you with the story if you’re still looking for help