A Directing Question

Okay so I was wondering if it’s possible for a character to do a certain animation with a specified amount of time. Like could I direct the character to eat_cupcake in 3 seconds for example. I’m trying to make the character jump up and immediately fall down. Just wondering if it’s possible. The story is ink if that matters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Try it on your script

I don’t believe you can.


for ex

@JOSEPHINE is shocked and JOSEPHINE is deepbreath AND JOSEPHINE is scream AND JOSEPHINE is angry_frustrated

That’s the only way yoiu can do it i think

For example if you want your character to keep eating cupcake put:

@CHARACTER is eat_cupcake THEN CHARACTER is eat_cupcake THEN CHARACTER is eat_cupcake as many times as you want

For jump and fall you can use:
@CHARACTER is jump AND pause for 0.5 THEN CHARACTER is fall

adjust the pause time to your preferences :slight_smile:

thanks:grin: I’m gonna keep playing around with the coding

I usually use spot directing to help with this.

If I want a character to jump and then immediately fall, I’d write:

@CHARACTER walks to spot z x y in zone x in 0.2 and CHARACTER does it while jump_happy_loop
@CHARACTER is fall

Where the spot is the same position as they are when they will fall, but they will do it in 0.2 seconds. It just cuts the animation short.

Hopefully this helps! I’m not sure whether it’s the same for ink, though.

Thank you, that actually works!:smile:

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