A Dramatic Video I Made For My Story

I was really bored the other day and I wanted to take a break from writing. Here is a dramatic and funny video I made for my story UNREQUITED - Telenovela Style, hahaha.

I used quickTime player to record the animations and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. :smiley:

Song - Lionel Richie - HELLO.


Can I just say I love your story? I swear I recommend it when I can.

The video is amazing!!

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Omg, you are a so kind! Thank you for your support! :smiley: :smiley:

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I can’t watch it right now, but I can only imagine how dramatic it’s going to be if Julian is in it… :sweat_smile:

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As soon as the atmosphere goes dark and the spotlight beams on him, the DRAMA starts.


The DRAMA begins when there’s finally some ACTION between Julian and Olivia.
I just want them to kiss and watch the soft romance blossom already!!
Your story is one that I enjoy immensely. The writing, the characters, the plot, the directing… it’s all wonderful. Bravo, lovely! :black_heart:

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SO GREAT! :laughing:

Oh wow this is hilarious,
Julian and his constant need to be under a spotlight tho :joy: