A edit/cover for my new story

My 2 MC’s End up in jail and I need a small cover and a large cover, the background on the small cover needs to be in a jail cell and the 2 girls are wearing orange jumpsuit and the large cover the girls needs to be in front of a cop car getting arrested

Can u send pics of the girls in the jumpsuit? I can do it for ya

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Awesome, thanks so much! I couldn’t find orange bottoms I liked so the color is red but if you can make the whole of it the same color that be cool

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Can I make it plus I found the other half of the bottom

You can make it too, I’d use both in my story! I love edits and covers, y’all make them so beautiful

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go to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

What’s the name of the story?? And author name is Sarah?

The Adventures of Laurel & Olivia

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Author Name
Sarah E Medina

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Just gotta put the title on

Small cover:

Large cover:

Do u like them??

Heyy I made a small cover too!
You don’t have to use it :heart:

I love them all!!!

Can I also make one later?

Of course, I’m still in the stage of writing the first 5 chapters, these girls get into a lot of trouble and get in weird situations, so feel free to make the girls doing what you want I a background

I made a large cover too :heart:

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Love it!!!

I will use all covers/ edits in my story, weather it be on the actual cover or as intro with my chapters and through instragram please let me know your user name so I can give credit

_ alyssa_snijders _ (without the spaces)
It’s not an Episode account but my personal Dutch account :heart:

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