A falling animation for ink?


:tulip:Im wondering if there is a falling animation for Limelight? :tulip:
Or some way that the character lays down?
Right now I use the faint option but sometimes that looks so weird and doesn’t fit the story.
I need them to be able to fall to the ground without doing the dramatic fainting thing :sweat_smile:



The faint is very dramatic. Lol
There is a fall animation but, I think that puts them on their knees…:thinking:

Maybe you could do,
@CHARACTER is fall
@CHARACTER is idle_fallen

IDK, maybe someone has a better idea.


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@CHARACTER is run_fall




sorry I meant for limelight, I looked for that animation in the menu but it doesn’t show any.


Ah. In that case, there isn’t one at the moment.


okay :slightly_frowning_face: thank you


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