A Few Constant Problems I Think We All Have

I’m gonna get right into this because I’m noticing it often happen with stories I both create and just read. I’m hoping maybe someone has found a fix for at least a couple of these, or if I should submit a ticket and maybe help a lot of us all at once!

  1. Whenever I am writing out scenes where I’ve spot placed any female character in INK, every once in a while a male character but mostly females, she disappears after I hit update script on the mobile app. I have had this problem for, I want to say, about a year maybe I had tried to look it up on the forum and I found a few posts that were talking about this, but everyone is saying when it happens to them the speech bubble is still there. When it happens to me, however, the whole scene stops completely in its tracks.
    I have a character named Beth in my story, who is a short goblin. Most of the time when I work with that character she will disappear off the screen until I leave the episode completely. Once I do leave the story and open it back up, I have to start back at the start of the story in the app, messing with outfits which for some reason is a pet peeve of mine. There’s even a chance that just exiting the story doesn’t work, which means I have to completely close the app down, open it up, wait for all the loading and annoying notifications about stories I don’t read in the first place pop up, and then head back to the create section which leads me to my next problem.

  2. I’m always writing, but during the moments where I have to drive to and from work or sleeping, I’m quite obviously not using Episode. I actually consider that I don’t have a life more or less because I’m always writing and within pretty close to a year and a half I’ve written 8 stories :sweat_smile: However, every single time I open the app after being gone for even 20 minutes for some reason, it’s like Episode has forgotten I own my story :laughing: My latest story is My Alpha, so I’m gonna use it as my example. I open the Create section up, see My Alpha and all my other stories there and open up whichever version of My Alpha I am working with at that moment, be it LL or INK, and it loads up fine. Sometimes it’ll appear at the last scene I wrote, after the last line of dialogue or last action the character performed, and sometimes it starts at the beginning. I start to write some more and need to update the script so I’ll quickly do that, but as I approach that part in the scene, the app has glitched and won’t update my script. It’s happened to many times at this point I already know how to fix it. I hit the exit button and the pretty “Add this story to your favorites?” box appears on my screen. Once I open the story back up the problem has fixed itself. Sometimes though I have two other problems just concerning the app recognizing it’s the author of the stories. I’ll go to open My Alpha, and it’ll pretend to be loading for a second, then I’ll see the notification on the screen saying it’s not able to pull the story, a second time and it’ll load. I’ve had a few times just this week where I go to open the story, and it acts like I’m a reader that hasn’t read the latest episode, and takes me to the Read Episode using 1 Pass area, whatever it’s called. I leave that area, and it works fine.

  3. Episode is recording my screen without me asking me to do so. I’ll be working on My Alpha or reading some of my favorites when I’ll get the “Recording failed” message. I have a couple of problems with that because that screen recording doesn’t stop just because I’ve exited the story and I’m sure it continues when I’ve for some reason left the app even by accident. If someone could hack into the app itself, you could legit lose a lot of stuff even if it’s just episode related. People could steal your ideas while you’re writing them out, and then turn around and use them in their own, get their story out before you, and then you’ve seemingly copied an exact scene from someone else. The other problem I have is I actually record scenes in stories I really like. I’ll reread a story from episode 1 to episode 23 just to record a specific scene in episode 23 that I liked. This can just happen right in the middle of recording the scene and then what? I’ve already reread all the stuff that made me sad the first time I read it, I don’t wanta watch the characters go through that for a third time :frowning_face: But it’s to late, the recording failed and I can no longer save that and reread it when I’m not on internet for any reason.

Last one, I promise.

  1. I know for a fact all of us have had this glitch, but it doesn’t want to fix every other time I’ve done my usual techniques to solve the issue. Pants or shirt disappearing off the character, even though I know for a fact they were there when i created the outfit! I immediately burst into laughter everytime because I’m still a kid at heart, and my character is running around outside, in public no pants, shirts, or maybe an entire outfit missing that I know is there. Usual fixes are leave the story or close the app down, but every so often it doesn’t work, so I have to play through someone elses story laughing as a character walks into school with no pants and everyone has just accepted this character is weird and doesn’t pay any mind to them. I’ve got recordings so I can rewatch my favorite moments in a story where I had this glitch happen, and a character was walking on screen without their pants on the entire time. It’s not a big deal when editting my stories, but it’s a big deal when it’s not for certain that shirt or pair of pants is coming back on the character later.

If you know any way to at least stop a couple of these things it’d be appreciated. I know I was a little specific but it happens so much I wanted it to be clear that while some of it’s amusing, and why, a lot of it’s happened so much I can’t focus until I’ve got the glitch to go away.


The first one is definitely annoying. You have to exit then enter to make the characters appear again. Wish that this could be fixed :confused:

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For some of these, you might want to submit help tickets to let the support team know about them.

Also moved this to Report a Bug since these all sound like glitches. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink: