A few days have passed, How're you holding up from quarantine?

Well, it’s been a few days since we have had an update on everyone’s situation on quarantine or about the spread about the virus. I hope everyone washes their hands and are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. I thought that I needed to check up on everyone.

My situation in India is that we have been in quarantine for 2 and a half weeks and honestly I don’t see any improvement. The numbers have been increasing day by day here and we still need to take more steps to control it since it is something which can spread rapidly. Honestly, I just hope that people follow the government’s rules for a few days. I have seen in the news that people still roam around apart from all the warnings given by the govt. It’s sad to see that some people in my country don’t understand the risk that they are taking by going outside. So, well, that’s the situation in the place where I live. The 3-week lockdown is coming to an end by this Tuesday IST time. I feel like they should not drop the lockdown since the virus is still not controlled. So far, what I have heard is, the discussion has been going on from yesterday. I really hope that they extend the lockdown though.

What is the situation in the place you live in? Any improvements? Pls do share. Let’s all be aware of what’s happening around the world.

Have you guys had any idea about any vaccine? I was hearing that something like a vaccine has been found. It’s called Hydroxychloroquinoine sulphate tablet?

Interesting fact:
A movie called Contagion (2011) was based upon a virus-like corona. I personally think that you guys should watch how similar it is. It’s like an exact copy of the situation we are stuck in. You can find the link in youtube. I will update this post with it in a few minutes. You guys should see it, i think its really strange and amusing on how a person took about a future situation and it happens now just like the movie except for some few facts which u will identify as you see the movie. That movie was a total shock for me when I found it and a lot of talks about this have already started.


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