A few reasons why you would enjoy mine and my bestie's SCI-FI (+action and romance) stories

Hey guys!
My name is Emma and I joined this community 2 weeks ago. I didn’t know anyone personally here so I decided to post a thread about finding new friends. I found some great new people to talk to, and I also found my new friend Zey. We went from “What kinda music do you listen to?” to “Bish reply to my DM I need 25/8 attention” in the same day. I usually don’t connect with people that quick. We found out we both entered the Another World’s contest, and I immediately read hers. After I published mine just in time for the contest, she immediately read it too. No competitiveness. just 2 people genuinely happy for each other’s effort and published stories.

It would mean a lot to me and to her too, if you read them! So, without further ado (even tho i literally had a paragraph-long foreword lol) a few reasons WHY ZEY’S STORY IS AWESOME


1)It’s a sci-fi story. Simple.
Honey, we need some diversity in these genres, so about time we get some amazing sci-fi stories!
2) The story is 120% thought out to details.
You can tell she did her research, browsed the Internet and created a science storyline supported with facts.
3) Unimportant choices? Never heard of her.
And get ready for some missions where choices determine whether u survive or not. Kim Possible vibes, if u ask me.
4) I love her. (audience “aw” noises)
And she deserves even more love on her story! She is currently on vacation so she cant promote her story, but GIRL I GOT U

Now, after some sappy talks, let’s talk about mine.

AW: The Dawn Of Resurgence

  1. One genre only? No thanks
    Love. Action. Battling against a horrible scientific procedure. Do I need to say more?
  2. I tried really hard with the directing (wow Emma good argument, so original, 3/10
    Scene shot from 3 angles. Spot directing. Girl I got u. I may not have many choices coming so soon to u, but hopefully this makes up for it.
  3. The love interest is daddy
    Daddy AF, if u ask me. (ofc, you can CC him, but you can’t CC a personality, can you?! )
  4. dont have another reason, guess u will have to check out the story to know more
    i’m a marketing genius if u ask me

And now for some ACTUAL VALID INFO:
Title: AW: The Dawn of Resurgence
Author: Ems
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi/Romance/Action (basically everything :smiley: )
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Description: In a world where dying is no longer inevitable,Aurora and her friends have to convince everyone that it doesn’t lead to their salvation…but to their destruction.

AW: Bio-Hysteria
In a world where genome editing is available only to the richest, a group of bio-terrorists tries to restore the natural equilibrium. Is violence the only option?
It’s in limelight, with a full CC and choices that matters. I hope you’ll give it a shot!
Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6001721244712960

Have a lovely day and if you check them out, THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG.
And btw, not even tagging Zey in this. She is in for a surprise loool


DID YOU ASK ME TO CHECK THE FORUMS FOR THIS? I’m low key high key crying right now, stop being sweet, it’s illegal!


Bump! These stories are awesome making sure to check them out!

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Thank you for this thread🥰
Here’s mine :black_heart:

Title : The Detective Diaries
Genre : Mystery/ Action / Romance
Style : Limelight
Episodes : 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Link :http://episodeinteractive.com/r/s/5178082767077376
Description : You are sent to Greece for a mission. There you meet a hot irresistible guy. Will you be able to focus on your mission? What’s gonna happen when you discover a horrifying secret?

Episode account : O.livia
Ig handle : @olivia.stories_

@Sydney_H could you please close this? Thank you!

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