A few things I need help with

OK so when I do choices I want them to be remember later in the story like Charater A ask Charater B something and A has to choices I want the choice A picked to be remember later in the story how do I go about doing this?

Also you know when your reading a story and the little tag drops down and it well say something like background by or a time or a day how do I do that not a speech bubble for a Charater but the other at the top.

Gains or points work best. There are examples of how to do both in the guides, :slight_smile: they helped me out a lot.

The little messages are called “Toasters” you type in:
readerMessage [enter message here]

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Ok think you I’ll give it a try

Also, to remember them later on you would do

if (name of choice/gain/) {

} elif (other choice/gain) {

}elif (other choice/gain { (add as many elif’s as you want.

} else { for the last one

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  1. Using gains would probably be the easiest solution. You just write the word gain with what you want the gain to be called in the branch. Eg. gain sleptin
    Then when you want to refer to it again, you would you if/else and use the gain in the brackets so only people who reached the gain now get the next scene. Here’s a guide:
  1. readerMessage What you want to say here That’s how you word it in your script

Thank you both of you. That help’s a lot.