A friend to help me review stories with me!

Hello there! I’m in real need for someone who is willing to help review stories for me. I started a topic to give feedback on stories and I was really surprised when a lot of people wished me to review their stories. My exams are coming up and the list keeps growing so I’m desperate for someone to help me.

Please Read Before Applying

The reviewer I am looking for is:

  • Completely honest - This is the most important virtue for a reviewer. When giving feedback it’s important to be honest with the writer so he/she can improve. I want someone who is willing to honestly state their feelings without feeling bad or guilty. Meaning if you don’t like a story you will say you DON’T LIKE THE STORY. No sugarcoating.

  • Can deal with criticism - There will be people who don’t agree with you and will bad-mouth you. I have even come across those who hated the criticism I gave and reported me to the moderator. If you are interested you should be able to deal with these people, ignore them and then move on.

  • Has an basic idea of coding - This isn’t very important but it would be amazing if you knew how to code Episode stories at least. When you are giving advice, it gives a greater depth when telling someone what to improve on.

  • No self-promoting - Number One Rule! NO SELF-PROMOTING! You are reviewing stories, not doing r4r. I absolutely cannot tolerate someone who does reviewing for a benefit of their own. You will be reviewing stories FREE OF CHARGE WITH YOUR OWN TIME AND YOU WILL DO IT HONESTLY.

Password: Potato

  • You can’t be biased - I know reviewers who review stories only when they think a story is worth reviewing. If you are interested in this job you can’t be like that. No matter what circumstances you think the story looks boring, for example the description, genre or cover doesn’t look appealing, you still have to review the story and give your honest opinion.

  • Can give a very detailed feedback - It’s pretty obvious you have to do this when reviewing stories. A few sentences doesn’t suffice when you are reviewing. There is always room for improvement. You should be able to write 3-4 paragraphs in proper English (no swearing and a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes).

If you have read the rules and you are interested please PM me. Include the password when you message me so I know that you have read through the whole blog. If you have questions please comment below.

Thank you!


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