A future story idea *please click*

Hi so I’m think of writing a story in the future about this can someone tell me if there is one already and if not if they’d wanna read it I’ll probs make it when I have my nest story out and a few episodes to at least my story secrets so yea…

I’m technically on break so if I don’t reply instantly that why I’m probs coming back tomorrow/today (it’s 1:30 am my time) so yea

The story idea:
A popular sweet peppy cheerleader (maybe) school involved girl by day and deadly assassin by night

I haven’t thought much about it tbh but I’m trying to add more to the idea but this is like the base if y’all could maybe suggest ideas it would be appreciated ALSO PLEASE DONT STEAL MY IDEA


Its sounds interesting! I would definitely read it! Cheerleader is fine, just dont make it nerd in school, assassin at night, that would be soooo cliche lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yea I thought cheerleader cause u know she’d be sweet and happy and all so u wouldn’t really suspect it but then it’s like ha plot twist she’s an assassin but tbh I haven’t put too much thought into it but thanks for feedback it’s appreciated


Thats how I imagined it, and it makes the story much more interesting!! Love your idea :grin:

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It sounds interesting. :heart_eyes:
But I’m not really into assassination :confused:
But many people are so bump! :heart::heart:


It is so cliche i dont mind cliches i think they are awesome but many people don’t like cliches but go for it :))

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Idk if I’ll even do it it was just an idea but yea it’s a lil cliche ima try to add more so it’s less cliche idk yet tho

Sounds great! You should totally write it!

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Thanks I think I will in the future when I have more episodes of my first stories out

What is your first story?

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My first story is called secrets (romance/drama) and I’m trying to get out another story (it’s a thriller vampire story called just one bite)
If you wanna check out my story the link is in my little header thing on here it’s says check out my story secrets then under is the link

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