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This is quite long, so brace yourself. (The gear button won’t let me shorten this for some stupid reason.)

You can create a text overlay of your title using a photo editing app like Canva or PicMonkey. Personally, I like to use this phone app called Add Text and create that text (by choosing a font, font color, typing it, and resizing it) of my title a PNG so I can upload it as an overlay. (If you didn’t know, you can log onto the Writer’s Portal on your phone, but I don’t think you can write your script on it.) Here’s the link to it:

To animate your title, you need to add the number of seconds your titlte shifts into a certain position. For example:

@overlay STORYTITLE shifts to x y in 2

This means that your story title will shift to a certain position on screen in 2 seconds. But you can make this shift look cooler using easing functions. Here’s a link on how to use easing functions:

But before making your title overlay shift into the scene, place it anywhere offscreen and then add in the example code from above. For instance, if you want your title overly to shift to the right from left, code the text overlay so it’s offscreen, then place your:

@overlay STORYTITLE shifts to x y in 2 using (one of the 12 easing functions)

after that code. In total, your script should look something like this:

@overlay STORYTITLE create
@overlay STORYTITLE opacity 1
@overlay STORYTITLE shifts to x y in 0
@overlay STORYTITLE scales to x y in 0
@overlay STORYTITLE moves to layer 0

@pause for 1

@overlay STORYTITLE shift to x y in 2 using easbouncein

The pause is necessary for smooth flow so the title won’t instantly shift from its offscreen position.

Oh, and if you want to rotate your overlay title, you can check out this thread:

Got all that?