A gift for @amberose

Because she has done so much for me to translate and help me with my story, I have given her a role in my story 'Dr. Love…) I had seen somewhere a character with glasses and I thought, she is beautiful with glasses and I wanted here anyway to be my best friend in my story so I made @amberose my best friend in the story.
And I was a little bored yesterday with episode that did not work, and now inspiration so I thought, I am going to make some pictures on paint shop pro to let her now her character and the clothes she wears. And this is the result.

Do what you want with it dear, if you want ‘one’ with your very own picture I am glad to make it but then it has to be the little ones. (that are lessons the big ones I made my own and i can’t do a picture I invent my own twice lol)

For the others My story needs some readers, all the people who have read it are very happy about it and find it good. It is my first story but it has a lot to offer. It is about a girl who is becoming a psychiatric nurse and does that college but she also goes working in an asylum and there she meets Dr. Love… the doctor everyone wants, oh she too in the beginning but when she finds out he lives with someone and is married she does not want to do anything with him anymore. On the meantime she gets anonymous text messages to leave her best male friend at school alone, while there is nothing between them… woman become very jealous of her because she is the one the doctor is attracted too and he has said to everyone not interested… but the man has a hard lift you will see. But he will do strange things to get her on his side!!! (a little magic) Then there is here a mother who does not look at her it is her career. And there will be a lot of betrayals, even a kidnapping and in the meantime, she has 3 male persons that are in love with her, who will save her? And at the end who will, she takes … a lot is going to happen. You must now dough that there are scenes in an asylum so if you don’t want to read about borderline personality disorder, psychosis, narcissism, etc I think you should not read it. I myself am a psychiatrical nurse (there is a little bit of reality in the story lol) so those things will be in there too.

Have fun reading and @amberose I hope you like those.


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Omigosh! This is so sweet of you, thanks xx

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With pleasure and you know if you need anything…Do you like your character? And the outfits?