A girlfriend cheats on her boyfriend how would he retaliate?


Maybe go for one of her best friends. Maybe spread a rumor about her- she has an STD, she’s pregnant, etc.


When I say go for one of her best friends, I mean date/sleep with.


This just proves how petty I am:

  • Book a really early flight abroad somewhere from an airport quite a distance away
  • Tell her I’m taking her abroad for a surprise holiday.
  • Make her pack 2 weeks worth of clothes e.t.c
  • Get to the airport
  • Tell her I only have one ticket cause she ain’t coming.
  • Walk away whilst saying get your side boyfriend to pick you up…

I’m a horrible person :joy:


Oh, dang that is good!!!


Make him/her regret it. Those daily revenge dramas will eventually pay off :smiling_imp:


i like that


That is a very clever plan.:ok_hand::joy:


very clever indeed!


I’m probably the last person anyone should cheat on :joy:


  • Ask friends to come to your house dressed in all black
  • Stage a fake funeral with a teeny tiny coffin
  • Invite cheating girlfriend to come over
  • What’s going on? - Girlfriend
  • We’re holding a funeral for your relationship, you and your lover murdered it - Boyfriend
  • Have a date night
  • Eat food
  • Serenade with some love song singing
  • Finish with the song JoJo - Get Out or a similarly clear messaged song

I started writing more then realised they were probably a little too mature for the forums :joy:
I never realised how much of a drama queen I am…