A good name for a band 🤔

Hi! I’m writting a DL story where MC joins a pop-rock band but I’m having trobules with naming the band. I don’t want it to be bland like ,Pink Panters" or unrealistic.
Bands main fashion theme is glitter and neon colors. It’s 2F:2M with female singer and guitar player, male bass and drums player.

Thank you for your attention! :purple_heart:


Time For Takedown
Loving Love
Crush You

IDK I usually just come up with titles :joy:

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Neon Stars
Neon Rock


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No Time To Die (lol idk i randomly thought of agent 007 :smirk: )
In The Night (randomly thought of Heartless by Kanye West)
Not So Ordinary

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Peek 4
Within 4
Beyond 4
Sincerely Four
The Flaming Four
Season of Four
Revenge 04
Neon Stars
Neon 4 (Neon IV)

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Thinking back to movies and blah blah blah… It would be cool if it was called:



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Neon Glitter and The Men
Leading Ladies and The Men
Neon (MC NAME) and The Men
The Neon Bunch
Blasted Neon

idk that’s all I got lmao

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For the Neon/Glitter theme:

  1. Pockets full of Glitt3r
  2. Neon Dreaming
  3. Neon 2×2
  4. Glitron (glitter & neon combined)
  5. Gold & Glitter
  6. Neon the Horizon

This one is brilliant- :scream:

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Lol. Hardly, but thanks. :kissing_heart:

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I think it’s obvious I like Neon lmao.

  • Neon Glitter
  • Neon Shine
  • Neon Shimmer
  • Neon Noise
  • Napoleon Neon (I was just thinking of the 3 ice cream flavors called Napoleon and potentially 3 band members?)
  • Nighttime Neon
  • Shimmer Shine

I have a place in one of my stories called Neon Nights, so you can use that too for your band name if you’d like? Or add “The” so, The Neon Nights, or you could use Neon Knights?


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