A good starter?

So for my new story, Summer Tides I needed something to grasp the reader’s attention as a future reference, so I decided to start with this, I need your guy’s opinions, because I’m not sure what to write after and what I should add/take away. THIS SCENCE IS FROM THE END OF THE STORY!


@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 320 0 to 99% in 0
@zoom on 0 0 to 158% in 0
@pause for 1.5
@/AURORA spot 0.308 188 487
@/AURORA moves to layer 2
@/CARSON spot 0.299 302 495
@/CARSON moves to layer 2
@/AURORA faces right
@add Gun Pistol Black to AURORA
@/AURORA is idle_gun_angry_loop
@/CARSON is talk_angry
@zoom on 628 455 to 213% in 3
@/CARSON is talk_angry
@pause for a beat
@/AURORA is shoot_gun_angry AND CARSON is faint AND zoom on 640 568 to 790% in 1.3

ALSO If anyone has read JJ. Lore’s stories, (Bet on me, Sinful Summer) you’ll know what I mean by a ‘intro’ like a choice for customization/starting the chapter/credits, how would I make a board like that where they could tap on the choice they liked?


I haven’t read those stories but I am guessing! :sweat_smile:

You mean tappable overlays like written texts which are interactive! It’s a game menu
you can request tappable overlays in shops most of them are making it for free!

or You can make it yourself

EPISODE: How to create a GAME MENU - YouTube
EPISODE: Simple yet awesome intro - YouTube

Hope this helps!

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thank you so much!

mention not! :blush:

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