A group chat for the 18+ people of Episode✨

Hi everyone!

I feel like lately I’ve been coming across very few people who are over 18 on the community. Don’t get me wrong I love chatting with people of all ages, but sometimes I would love to talk to someone who is more my age (I’m 19). So I came up with the idea of creating a group chat for all us adults of Episode on Instagram. I know a gc like this probably exists already, but I’m down to create another one haha. If you wanna be a part of it drop your Insta name below😊


oh snap you know you know


a gc with luna? :heart_eyes: you got my vote

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sounds great :pray:

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@aykayepisode :two_hearts:

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I’m 21 @jewels_episode

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Our community forums are intended for 13+ ages. Adult only threads or private messages are not allowed. :v: