A group walking and talking on looping background

I’m having trouble getting a group of characters to walk and talk on a looping background.
I don’t think I’m using the right “AND” or “&” to get them to walk at the same time, so instead they just slide across the screen as the background loops behind them.

Right now I have:

@WYNDELL starts walk_talk_happy & EX 1 starts walk_neutral & LEXIE starts walk_neutral & GRAHAM starts walk_neutral & DAVID starts walk_neutral

I also want Wyndell and Lexie to alternate talking without any dialogue as the narrator talks in front of it all.
Thank you!

Switch & with AND in this case

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I just tried this and they’re still just sliding across the screen and Wyndell still isn’t talking.

You need to place them in the scene and then have them start the walking animations, like this:

&WYNDELL stands screen left THEN WYNDELL faces right AND WYNDELL starts walk_neutral
&EX 1 stands upscreen left THEN EX 1 faces right AND EX 1 starts walk_neutral
&LEXIE stands screen center THEN LEXIE faces right AND LEXIE starts walk_neutral
&GRAHAM stands upscreen right THEN GRAHAM faces right AND GRAHAM starts walk_neutral
&DAVID stands screen right THEN DAVID faces right AND DAVID starts walk_neutral

(The placements are just an example, by the way.)

Thank you! It worked

You’re welcome.