A guide to creating overlays of characters


Hiiiii! It’s Turtle Trainer with another thread Y’all :peace_symbol:

This time we’ll be talking about making overlays. (mostly through your phone)

To do first you must create and dress your characters the way you want them to be. Then upload a GREEN SCREEN background to your portal. And just do this:

@CHAR stands screen center/spot ### AND CHAR faces right/left AND CHAR is animation

Now, if you created multiple episodes, it’s gonna switch to next episode without animation
finishing, so type “@pause for 5” a few times.

Then open the story on your PHONE (this is really important!) and take a screenshot!

Next, download an editing program, I use ibisPaint (no advertising :wink: ) then use the magic wand and clean the green screen, Lastly, erase the access you don’t want to use.

Here are some examples: (Please do not use them in your story as they belong to me.)

Don’t hesitate to message me about questions! :heart:


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