A Guide to Typed-in Choices


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How to add character customs?

Characters names?

.Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


So do I just change my character’s display name, and use her script name only for her actions?


Yep. Or you can leave your character’s display name as is and just put your character’s name inside the parentheses in the code.


Is it okay if when i test it says auto bot is a beautiful name and that the choosing name thing doesnt pop up?


Yes, that’s normal because the web previewer does not show typed in choices.


I don’t get the name portion of it. Its a bit confusing.


My character isnt showing up at all when i tried to use the name alone? like, i set up the name thing and its just black?



I need help with remembering the choices and doing them but want it to be remember in the story


i think theres something wrong with the female_custom3 label. you should move it after the spotting command



REINA (think)
(Maybe I should go check it out)

choice “Protect your house” {

REINA (think)
These people or whatever down stairs about to get it

@REINA is kneel_reach

Their you are

@add Baseball Bat to REINA

REINA (idle_hold_baseballbat)
Now i’m ready

@REINA exits left

} “We not dying today” {



Delete the space between “choice” and “Protect your house”. Then put your curser in between them and hit enter. After the word “choice”, write what you want to use to remember the choice in parenthesis. For example, you can put “(protect_or_dont_die)”. Later on in the story, you can write:

if (protect_or_dont_die is “Protect your house”){






I have one more question how do you do the zoom in slow motion from right to left and from feet to head cause I been wonder how that work


Here’s the guide:


I found a video to show you how:


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How can I make my readers choose my name AND my brothers name (in the story of course)