A Guide To Using Cultural & Religious Assets

If you are familiar with other uses of certain cultural/religious please add on!

Both Sexes/Genders

Jade Coin Pendant Necklace and/or Bracelet - A Chinese cultural accessory, believed to bring luck and prosperity.

Silver Cross Necklace - A symbol of Christian faith (both religious and cultural)

Star of David Necklace - A symbol of Jewish faith (both religious and cultural)

Mala Beads Necklace - Mala beads are used for prayer for different religions (Islam, Tibetan Buddhism), but they were traditionally used for meditation.

Rosary Necklace - Catholic accessory used to keep count of prayers recited (either out loud or to oneself) EDIT: It’s disrespectful to wear a rosary as a necklace, so it’s best to not use this accessory in your stories.

Khussa Shoes - Cultural footwear predominantly worn/made in Pakistan and India.

Sikh Dastar - Sikh religious headwear.

Kurta or Kurti - South Asian cultural and casual wear.


Standard Kippah - A Jewish religious headwear. (Liberal/Reform Jews see this as optional) EDIT: Apparently some women do wear Kippahs, but it’s only prayer.

Ackhan - Cultural wear worn by men in South Asia.


Silver Payal Ankle Bracelet - Cultural accessory worn by married women, but many unmarried women wear them as well. (means ‘metallic string’ in Hindi)

Bindi (red) - Commonly used to represent a married women or ward off bad luck. Used to represent a third eye in the Hindu religion. Can be worn to casual events(like parties or gatherings). (Has many uses)

Hijab - A religious headwear used to symbolize modesty in Islam. (Optional for Muslim women)


Head Scarf - There isn’t a hijab in the Ink style, however the headscarf can be used as a hijab. It can also be used on characters with certain diseases such as cancer.


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for the bindi, it’s not only for married women, pretty much all women wear one when going to gatherings, etc. it’s a pretty casual thing


I know, I said ‘commonly’ because it was originally commonly worn to represent a married woman. However, it can represent many aspects of Hindu culture :slight_smile:


This is awesome, thanks for compiling this!
Quick note (and this is more for episode, than anything else): wearing rosaries around your neck as a fashion accessory is actually incredibly offensive, so I would highly suggest not using the rosary necklace in any of your stories. :heart:


I didn’t know that, I’ll add it to the list. Thank you!


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Dont use the cross necklace as a “new symbol” for ur fantasy storys religion


For ur “overbearing christian characters” who opress the MC cuz…of “faith”

Or the “crazy christan/holier than thou” type characters who “shove religion down the characters throats” or preaches the Bible as a way to justify vile acts/spouts random verses wthout knowing the true meaning


Ur evil cult leaders who are “christian”

Have ur character who doesnt belive state constantly tht they dont(and bash faith) and wears the cross cuz it looks “cool/to be ironic”


Bless you, now I can actually incorporate these lovely updates :blush:

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When you say religious and/or cultural (for the Star of David and Silver Cross necklace) does that mean my character doesn’t have to be religious in order to wear them?

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Can also add in Sikh Dastar :smiley:


Yeah, the Rosary is a devotion and tool for prayer, not a necklace or accessory… I’m not sure why they didn’t just make it a prop instead :thinking: It should never be worn outwardly as piece of jewelry. If you want a cross necklace for your character, just use the cross necklace, not the Rosary.

Thank you for this guide :heart::heart:


Use the cross respectfully


Yes, this guide is amazing, thank you :heart:

Hmm, perhaps if Episode included some details about the religious and cultural assets-like a description underneath so people know information on it and don’t misuse it. I understand that using it in a way it isn’t supposed to be used can be highly offensive and inappropriate.


I just want to add that they’re not just worn by married women anymore! There are special bridal anklets, but loads of unmarried women wear them too

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Thank you so much for creating a thread like this. Now, I know how to represent different cultures and religions respectively and effectively :raised_hands:t3:



Quick question on these

Hmm… so for the male headscarves are these intended exclusively for a specific religion/faith/culture? Because the Rastafarian culture/faith along with a few other African-based belief systems frequently use headscarves for various reasons. These are the only pieces I’m unsure of…what do you guys think? Anyone else familiar with male headscarves? :woman_shrugging:t4:

Really unsure about these :thinking:


Thanks, sorry about that!

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