A Guide To Using Cultural & Religious Assets

Sikh men wear headscarves/turbans as part of their faith.

There was an incident a few years ago where a US Army captain petitioned and won the right to keep his beard and be allowed to wear his turban as a part of his religious faith. The Army argued that it would interfere with the adorning of chemical warfare attire, but he won the appeal.


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I’m very aware they’re not worn in the same way as Sikh men do, which is why I always found the turbans in episode’s portal to be inappropriate to be worn anyone aside from Sikh men

So, only good Christians are allowed to wear crosses? Personally, I do not have the intention of creating a religious character who fits those categories, but I know plenty of Christians who wear crosses and are not conventionally good… If we want to make a religious character who is not exactly good, they cannot wear a cross?


I am in absolutely no mood for this petty argument ur trying to start cuz a few ppl who claimed to be christian treated you poorly. I gave tips on how to use an important religious symbol in a non offensive way much like other people.


But don’t you think we have enough not “conventionally good” Christians on Episode for a lifetime? I, and I’m sure many Christians would agree with me, am tired of only being portrayed as ridiculous, science-denying, judgemental, misogynistic and homophobic. So yes. It’s a good suggestion to maybe not use the cross on all those bad people labelled as “Christians” in stories. Sure, there are lots of bad Christians out there, but there are many more who are good.

Making them wear the cross so out in the open brings attention to the fact that they’re Christian, which we should be careful about doing in our stories.


May I just interject with a clear point, that perhaps it’s best not jump to conclusions that characters are automatically christian or catholic due to the choice of a necklace?
Therefore it does not matter what the character who wears it is like. I for one wear a cross from time to time, I wear it because it was a gift from my dad for one of my birthdays when I was younger, it has no religious significance to me, so wearing it, has no reflection upon religion at all.


And yet u singled out my comment…we really dont need more if that representation of christianity…theres bad ppl who are or claim to be christian but ultimantely tht isnt Jesus’ teachings.

Im sick of that awful/shoving my religion down ur throat sterotypes i see in stories

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It was no diffrent from any other comment on here

Every choice you make in your story matters. Why did you choose to make that bad Christian wear an asset that says “hey look guys! I’m Christian” whenever we look at them? That sends out a message. What message are you trying to send by sticking a cross on the horrible people in your story?

And I’m sorry to say it: “because I want to. It doesn’t have any meaning” isn’t a good answer. Even if you don’t intend to send out a message, you are. You should be conscious of that. All good writers are conscious of what they’re drawing attention to.

If you need to understand that a little better, check out my post on the matter.


And a religious character can also be religious without a big glaring cross around their neck. The combination of “hey look this cross makes you aware of the fact that I’m Christian all the time” and them being horrible does send out a message. Did you not read what I said? I never said that Christians can’t be bad, but don’t we have enough of that on Episode to last a lifetime?

It would be nice to have stories written by open-minded, talented and intelligent people who realise that everything they add into their story matters.


U can reply to me all u want in a respectful tone and not just to ignigte an argument. Epesically not in a

Which is you trying to start shit. At the end of the day we are ppl like anyone else and ppl fall into good/bad/morally grey areas not exclusicve to faith.
However portraying christians as how we are already seen by the media(and in episodes stories) is not helping anything


It’s not about generalisation. That makes no sense whatsoever. It’s about you being in control of every aspect of the story. If you chose to use an asset that brings attention to the religion of the character, it’s either for a reason or you’re not that thoughtful of a writer. There are hundreds of things writers want to put in their story but don’t have the time or space to. That means everything that does go in is there for a reason. It’s not rocket science.


Okay, you are right. I would not be a thoughtful writer. My apologies. (I mean it.)

Deleting the messages as it derailed the whole thing! I must think twice before commenting. Cheers.

I do though. But thats a whole diffrent issue(not gettin into it)

This is also true

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I have a question. Are the headscarves limited to specific religions? If so, which ones are used for which?


I don’t think so, I know there was a debate about this on a previous thread which ended up getting closed but as @ShanniiWrites said, it is versatile :smile:


Oh ok thankzaz my fellow ratzol. The whole debate kinda confused me. :joy::hugs::hugs::love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:


Just for clarification! Episode never planned to gatekeep them either